'Art doesn't have to be pretty. It has to be meaningful.' - Duane Hanson

Tomcio Design


Custom pipe with spikes rendered in 3Ds Max, using hair & fur 

Custom pipe rendered inside Sketchfab

Used for unit 66- 3d modelling

Mushroom model made in 3Ds max using bend and chamfer tool. Rendered in sketchfab

Used for Unit 66 - 3d modelling

Mushroom 3D Preview

Water / Fluid rendered in 3Ds Max using SuperSpray and gravity modifiers.

Particle effects created in 3Ds Max, evidence of animation for Unit 19.

3D Particle Effect


Pipe 3D Preview

Sci-Fi Pipe

Coin 3D Preview

Cube 3D Preview

Sci-Fi Coin gallery

3Ds Max 2017

Sci-Fi Cube

3D models

Splash screen (Loading game) used for my game made in gamesalad

Scifi style

Axe weapon drawing for Unit 69- Concept Art.

Cartoony style


Logo design

Logo design for Unit 19 - Digital Graphics for Interactive Media.

Quake symbol have been created in 3Ds Max using spline and after rotated 180° .

3Ds Max+Photoshop

Photoshop ~ Illustrator

Art & Graphics

Zombie Gone Wild was my game creation for my final product presented at Level 2 game design course I did back in 2015-16

I have created a web browser widget that was placed inside .fbx as TV.

I was inspired by tutorials on youtube. Fully functional, you can surf internet inside UE4.

2D Top down game (Zombie Gone Wild)

Testing web browser inside UE4

Gamesalad ~ Unreal Engine 4

Game Design